Utah Lake

When Hannah and I were first married we hurried off to California for a honeymoon full of new and familiar places. We treked from Big Sur to Disneyland while taking in the scenic views of the famous PCH. At the time we were simply enjoying the time together and had no idea what the next 3 years would hold.

In the time since that trip we have seen what feels like half the world. From east coast to west coast and then across the Atlantic. We discovered a passion that we plan to carry for the rest of our lives, a desire to see Every Last Mile of planet Earth.

This pilot episode grounds our quest to see the world in our very own backyard. We show off a view of the north shore of Utah Lake as well some new camera toys that we got for Christmas just days before.

Although I can’t imagine why you’re reading this post (Utah Lake isn’t exactly the most glamorous destination) I’m happy that you’re here and I invite you to come along with us on the adventure of a lifetime.