Fifth Water Hot Springs

When started for the mountains we were fully prepared for a 2 mile hike to some familiar hot springs. What we weren’t prepared for was just how much snow there would be. Mason and Carson were both visiting us from Texas and had no idea that we’d be hiking in the snow. Being the die hards that they are, they layered up with what they had and set out for a day we would never forget.

Those of us from Utah were prepared with boots, coats, and backpacks full of needs. Mason was stuck with hand-me-down gloves, a hoodie, and leather cowboy boots. We weren’t even a mile into the hike when this proved to be a bad idea.

Fifth Water is a moderately sized river with steep slopes leading up to the narrow hiking trail. In the summer this isn’t a problem; the hike is well tread and easy to follow. In the winter with fresh snow and flat-bottomed shoes that’s not the case. At one point I looked back to find Mason careening towards the river with nothing on to give him traction. Like a scene out of The Lion King he was drug by his hands up the cliff and back on the trail, fortunately without any injury.

If you decide that winter hiking isn’t for you, I wouldn’t blame you. But if you do decide you’d like to take a warm, little dip in winter wonderland, I’d recommend wearing good boots.