Mount Timpanogos

I consider Mount Timpanogos my mountain. Growing up with the 9th tallest peak in Utah right outside my door had an enchanting effect. Timpanogos is full of memories of hard hiking, good skiing, and summer picnics.

When I was in college I carried a season pass to Sundance Resort for years. In recent years I’ve fallen off the horse, so to speak, with snowboarding and this year I’ve got Patrick to thank for putting me right back on. I always love riding at Sundance, but this day had a little something extra. Early in the day a low covering of clouds began creeping up the canyon. At the start of every run we took a moment to look down the slopes at a transformed landscape. Familiar peaks became the Misty Mountains right in front of eyes. It was breathtaking.

Turn the clock back 4 months to the warm summer months when ski slopes become hiking trails and you’d find Hannah and I on the exact same mountain. We decided to spend a Saturday morning hustling up the summit of Timpanogos. In previous years we’ve summitted the mountain in a comfortable 6 to 8 hours. This year we did it in 5. Just like every physical feat we’ve taken on Hannah pushed me to do my best and it made for a one-of-a-kind hike.

The next time you’re feeling adventurous you should go discover the magic that Timpanogos has to offer.