Mac Pro Hands On

The stage at WWDC has hosted many huge announcements over the years and 2019 was no different. For developers there was SwiftUI, Combine, iPadOS, and more. It was a weeks worth of announcements in 2 hours, but one announcement stood out above the rest. The $12,000 Mac Pro.

2 years ago Apple warned us that they had something huge in the works and today they fulfilled that promise. It’s a workhorse of a machine that costs more than a literal workhorse to buy. Targeted at creative professionals, every spec on this box is tuned to churn out 8k art of every variety.

As a videographer I would love to have this machine is likely to be an unattainable dream for the rest of my life. So instead of dwelling on the engineering masterpiece, I hopped a car and took in Apple’s amazing campus’ at Apple Park and Infinite Loop.

It’s hard not to be inspired by the places that have churned out so many historic pieces of hardware. The classic Steve Jobs quote about the intersection between technology and the liberal arts feels really real when you’re walking where that quote was inspired. There’s probably more poetic things to be said about the arts and inspiration, but rather than dwell, we went straight to Discovery Park to watch Weezer perform for a sea of developers. Hoarse from screaming and creatively fueled, I boarded my plane home. What a week.