Flooding In Maui

Maui is really an amazing island. It has great food, beautiful hikes, and lots to do. It’s less city-like than Oahu and so that means more exploring and less resorts.

Driving the flooded road to Hana was just as wild as we hoped it would be. The waves crashing over the rocks were splashing, 20 feet in the air, soaking everyone in the area. Although we didn’t do much in the city of Hana, we spent hours walking the black sand beaches of Waianapanapa State Park. The rain almost made the succulent forest more magical and the massive waves turned regular sea caves into genuine adventures.

When we weren’t adventuring we were kicking up our feet and watching the sunset over the island. Our view from the Jasmine Studio in Haleakalā. We’ve stayed at some amazing B&B’s, but this one was absolutely perfect for us.

The trip really flew by and we can’t wait to get back to Hawaii. Next time around we’ll see if we can see the sunny side of the islands that we always seem to miss.